Our Virtual Campus

We have a very sophisticated, yet very easy to use virtual campus created for our students. It focuses on ease of use,  collaboration, sharing & monitoring. The main features of our campus are given below:

  • Rich content with audio & video
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly – which means anywhere anytime access to learning
  • Sophisticated learning paths integrated with assessments to gauge understanding
  • Tests and exams with automated scores and feedback as required
  • Virtual assignments & monitoring
  • Communicate through forums or chat internally
  • Tracking of learners in each course
  • Automated certificate generation – you can export it to PDF
  • Fully integrated live help chat services
  • Integrated Skype services for one-on-one interaction
  • Curated list of useful resources in the related area by experts

Come and explore our campus. Register and take any of our demo courses today! Happy learning!