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Parents play a very important role in shaping life and career of their children. Not just that, they have to act as their trusted friends and advisors and help the child take the right decisions at the right time.  In current times work pressure and related complications result in parents failing to help their children make the right moves at the right times. This results in either a demotivated or less successful child. Not all parents would have enough knowledge and resources to advice their children appropriately. Here’s where Academics and Beyond comes in to picture. We offer a wide array of subject matter experts, academic consultants, counselors and trainers who can be leveraged to resolve most of the academic/career/life related issues your child might be facing or would potentially face in future.

Given below is a sample list of questions/issues parents come to us with. If you have any of these questions or any queries related to academic, career & life skills, don’t hesitate to call us @ 91-9483009981 we would be glad to help you. You can also visit contact us page or write to us with your query at

  • My ward is not good at studies. How to improve his performance? I want him to excel in academics by getting good marks. Can you help me?
  • My ward puts in lot of effort, but this does not translate in to good marks. How to help him improve his academic performance?
  • My son is studying in 12th/PUC. He has taken PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) combination. I am not sure what he is interested in. Can you help him make the right career choice?
  • My son is interested in a career without Maths. Which career options are available?
  • My daughter is not interested in Physics. Which career options are available for her after 12th?
  • What are the non-conventional career options available after 2nd PUC (12th)?
  • My daughter is extremely interested in sports. Can it be chosen as a career?
  • My son does not focus on studies. What to do?
  • My son is not aggressive at all & lacks confidence! He gives in meekly. Can you help him in developing more confidence?
  • My daughter lacks assertiveness. Can you help her develop assertiveness skills?

We offer a host of services catering to the needs of parents and students. Please click on the links given above or call us @ +91-9483009981 to know more.