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Career Counseling in India – What is it? How is it relevant for you?

Career Counselling in India: An introduction

In today’s world choosing the right career path is like finding a needle in the haystack! With so many options available choosing the right path for yourself could become overwhelming. Emerging technologies, ever changing job markets, peer & social pressures add up to the complexity of the issue. This where career counselling would step in as a guiding light, helping individuals chart their course towards a fulfilling career.

But what exactly is career counselling?

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Want to know what is Career Counseling and Why is it relevant for you? Read on!

In simplistic terms, career counselling is a collaborative process where you work with an expert to identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests, aptitudes, values and aspirations. Once this is done in an unbiased & scientific manner (read our article on Role of Psychometric Assessments in Career Counselling), you would be better placed to take career decisions. It is not about getting told what to do, but enabling individuals with self-awareness so that they can create a clear personalized career road map for themselves.

So what can you expect from career counselling?

You would gain deeper insights about your personality, career interests and therefore the right path suitable for you!

  • Personality & related aspects: Personality plays a very important role in professional and personal success. Our knowledge about ourselves in terms of our strengths, weaknesses, how we take decisions, etc is very crucial in personal and professional success, but our knowledge about them is either biased or limited. We need to spend time and put in adequate efforts in understanding strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric assessments and the likes would come in handy there. At Academics and Beyond we use world renowned psychometric models to determine the personality characteristics, types and preferences in a very detailed manner which provide highly accurate and reliable data.
  • Career Interest areas: In India every other person you meet would say that he/she is unhappy with their jobs! The reason? – Not choosing the right path. Imagine a highly creative/artistic person working as a clerk? Definitely he/she would be very unhappy with their job. This is where understanding the career interest areas in a scientific manner is helpful. At Academics and Beyond we use a very highly rated and widely used psychometric model to determine career interests. This becomes invaluable in the counselling process.
  • Career Roadmap: Integrating personality data with career interests’ profile to arrive at a roadmap is the third step. This is where career counsellor’s intervention is required. This cannot be done by any one and everyone! At Academics and Beyond, we leverage on highly experienced individuals would have exposure to both academic and corporate sectors. Our main counsellor Mr. Srinath Deshakulkarni has over 25 years of experience!


In essence, if you’re feeling confused, lost, or unsure about your career path, then career counselling can be a game-changing excercise. It can help you navigate the complexities of the job market, discover your potential, and make informed decisions about yourself and your future.
Always remember that investing in your career is an investment in yourself! Take the first step towards a fulfilling career path and explore the possibilities of career counselling with Academics and Beyond today!

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