Academics and Beyond in Kannada & Hindi Languages

Academics & Beyond proudly announces launch of Psychometric assessments in Hindi & Kannada languages. With this we would be able to offer our services in three languages: English, Hindi & Kannada 🙂 As of now we have Career Counseling and Personality Analysis/Development programs available in these two languages. We look forward to serving you. Please click on the links below to avail our services: Click here for Hindi Website Click here for Kannada Website Please feel free to talk to us at +91-9483009981 if you have any additional queries.

Employability Skills in Indian Context – Are our students ready yet? (Updated)

“India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today & with liberal economic policies it is poised to grow further. Recent surveys¹ indicate that by 2030, it will be the third largest economy in the world just behind US & China. In addition to this surveys² also suggest that by 2020 India will have youngest population in the world with 50% of population below the age group of 25. Couple this with the fact that we will have 50-70 million jobs created² in near future and you have a fantastic opportunity in the making! But the question …

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